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Electronic cards are the fastest ways to convey your feelings to your loved ones. Know about Grandparents Day ecards/ animated cards.

Grandparents Day Ecards

A time to remember and respect grandparents, Grandparents Day is celebrated across the world to shower your love and affection towards them. Coinciding with the onset of autumn, Grandparents Day falls on the first Sunday after Labor Day in the month of September. As such, the very occurrence of autumn signifies the start of a new life of old age. Therefore, people take every opportunity to provide happiness and contentment to their elders and seniors of the family on this auspicious occasion. For those, who reside abroad and are unable to come back home, often get depressed. Nevertheless, with the advent of technology, electronic cards are available on the internet that can convey your heartiest feelings towards your loved ones in a matter of seconds. With every occasion, a plethora of card varieties can be found online to choose from. So, with Grandparents Day coming your way, do spread a smile to your grandparents and make their day delightful.

Grandparents Day Electronic Cards

Static E-cards

Similar to the normal greeting cards and postcards, static e-cards display a static picture along with a related message. Although these cards do play any background music and animation, but they certainly convey your true and heartfelt feelings for the recipient. Simple, sweet, and sober, they make perfect e-cards for grandparents who are straight-forward and not much into humor. Choose an elegant picture, coupled with a touching message to delight your grandparents.

Animated E-cards
Also known as flash cards, animated e-cards represent a short animation consisting of some frames of drawings, photos, or combination of both. Along with the pictures, animated e-cards display a message pertaining to the occasion, or many messages, in some cases. You can also add your own personal message under the card. These cards have a background music that can be set by default or chosen by the sender. However, such cards require a 'Macromedia Flash Player' to view the card. While most internet browsers have this installed in their systems, but some computers do not have this software installed. Hence, it is best to send animates e-cards only if you know that the recipient has this software on his computer system.

Video E-cards
Similar to animated e-cards, video e-cards give you an option of replacing the animation with a video. Most websites that have options of animated cards give you an alternative of uploading a video for such cards. For this, you should have the video saved on your computer system or any storage device connected to your computer. Those websites that offer video uploading have a button names "Browse" through which you can upload your video and view your e-card before sending it to your grandparents.