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Looking for some easy Grandparents Day craft ideas? Read this article and get to know some easy crafts for Grandparents Day.

Easy Grandparents Day Crafts

Grandparents have always been so precious and influential in everyone's lives. They are the senior most people in everyone's life and make all efforts to carry their traditions and cultures from one generation to another. Much to everyone's surprise, they are closer to their grandchildren compared to their own children. As such, a relationship between a child and his grandparent is special and extraordinary. Both try to find a friend and companion in one another, which all the more, strengthens the bond. Nothing delights grandparents when their grandchildren pass on their values, ethics, and teachings to others. So, on the occasion of Grandparents Day, spend some time with your grandparents by engaging in some crafts that are easy and enjoyable to make. Check out some easy Grandparents Day craft ideas as you scroll through the following lines.

Easy Crafts For Grandparents Day

Paper Bouquet

Create a beautiful bouquet of flowers with the help of tissue paper, colored craft paper, pipe cleaners, and buttons. Pass a button or bead through the pipe cleaner to its end. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the button to secure it in place. This makes the center of the flower. Draw flower shapes or circles from tissue paper or colored paper, about 4 inches wide. Crumple the flower petals and fold them accordion-style, layering four to five of them together. Pass the other end of the pipe cleaner through the center of the folded flowers and push them towards the button end. Similarly, thread some more flowers until you get a thick bunch of them. Tie the flowers together with a ribbon or place them in a pretty flower vase. Alternatively, you can use a decorated aluminum can or canning jar for this purpose.

Cup of Love
Make a pretty cup through which your grandparents would love to drink their favorite beverage. For this, you will require a plain white mug or tea cup and saucer, acrylic paint, conversation hearts, fake jewels, decals, thin ribbon, glitter glue, glue, and pink tissue paper. Use conversation hearts to create a message for your grandparents. You can also surprise them with a hidden message inside the cup or underneath it. Short phrases, like "I Love You" or "You're Nice" would be great. Using jewels, decals, ribbon, and glitter, paint pretty designs over the conversation hearts. Allow the cup to dry completely and fill the cup with froth, made from pink tissue paper and more conversation hearts to reveal as though they are flowing out of the cup.

Pill Box
Presenting your grandparents with a pill box is a very affectionate gesture of reminding them to have their medicines on time. Also, it shows how important their health is to their grandchildren. Use cardboard, hard plastic planks, or Styrofoam to create a seven-compartment box. Fasten the planks and sheets together using superglue. Make seven lids for each of the compartments. You can either glue Velcro patches or press-buttons for securing the lids together. Cover the pill box with plain paper and spray paint it beautifully. Write down the names of the week on each compartment, beginning with Monday and ending on Sunday. To beautify the box further, you can write heartfelt messages, like "Love you Grandma", "It's Wednesday Grandpa, don't forget your medicine!", and so on.