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A variety of Grandparents Day Gift baskets are available in the stores. To know more about Grandparents Day gift basket ideas, read on this article.

Grandparents Day Gift Baskets

Grandparents Day is a prestigious day celebrated in September on the first Sunday after Labor Day, every year. With every person playing an essential role in our lives, grandparents hold a significant place in our hearts and stand by us like our mentors and friends. While they have spend their lives bringing up their kids and grandkids, it is time to pay back some of their undying love and attention that they have always showered on us. Though we cannot pay back everything they have given us, but surely a lovely and delightful gift can be a step towards it. On the wonderful occasion of Grandparents Day, let your grandparents enjoy some moments that are meant just for them. Thinking of gifting something special to them? And if you are unable to narrow down to a single gift, worry not for you can now present a dozen of them in the form of a gift basket. Leaf through the text below, to find ideas for preparing a gift basket for Grandparents Day.

Grandparents Day Gift Basket Ideas

Fruit Basket

Fruit baskets make healthy and natural gifts for all occasions and people of all ages, including your grandparents. Let your grandparents infuse in some more health into their being with a fruit basket that is filled with juicy and delicious fruits. You can put in apples, oranges, and pears that are filled with antioxidants and fibers, which, in turn, help in preventing cardiovascular diseases and lowering cholesterol levels. Apart from fresh fruits, you can add dry fruits and nuts to make this gift basket a nutritious goodie basket. Dried figs, dried plums, pistachios, and cashews make good choices.

Sugar-Free Gift Basket
You do not have to worry about what to gift your grandparents in case any one of them is suffering from diabetes and cannot consume sugar. You can opt for a sugar free basket that contains goodies and mixtures free from sugar. Sugar-free candies, sugar-free jelly beans and fruit candies, gourmet coffee, water crackers, cheddar cheese pretzel sticks, creamy cheese dip, and white cheddar popcorn are some excellent options for stuffing your gift basket with. Let your grandparents enjoy their favorite treats even though they are sugar-free.

Heart Healthy Gift Basket
For grandparents who are heart conscious and follow a low-fat diet, a heart healthy basket is an excellent gift option. Fruit drinks, granola snack bars, tropical trail mix, lemon buds sour candies, grained mustard, low fat pretzels, low-fat vegetable spread/dip, low-fat soy garlic and herb crackers, and low-fat herb vegetables crackers are some of the eatables that you can constitute your gift basket with.

Spa Gift Basket
Let your grandma take a breath of fresh air as she pampers herself with a spa gift basket. Not only will she be able to relax and rejuvenate, but it will also enhance her health and beauty further. You can comprise your gift basket with bath mitt, bath pillow, fingernail bristle brush, back scrubber, green tea foaming bath fizzies, aromatherapy candles, and chocolate truffles. You can either hire a spa professional to treat your granny or offer to pamper her with your delicate and soft hands.

Fishing Gift Basket
Most elderly men are often fond of sitting by the river or pond with a fishing rod immersed in the water and waiting for the fish to get caught in the hook. If your grandpa is one these men, then there's nothing better than presenting him with a fishing gift basket that's stuffed with all sorts of fishing goodies. You can fill up the basket with a 3-in-1 safety key chain (compass, whistle, and flashlight), multi-function stainless steel pocket knife with key ring (comprising of bottle opener, can opener, can reamer, knife, scissors, corkscrew, nail file, nail cleaner, screwdriver, and more tools), two fishing floats, and tow fishing lures. To accompany them, chocolate cream filled water roll, cheese dip, coffee, caramel corn, smoked almonds, shortbread cookies, peanut butter filled pretzels, and various other gourmet goodies can be added to complete the fishing basket.