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Grandparents Day party favors extend a token of sincere thanks to your guests. Given here are few Grandparents Day party favor ideas.

Grandparents Day Party Favors

An auspicious day to honor and celebrate grandparenthood, Grandparents Day is observed on the first Sunday after Labor Day in the month of September. Initiated by the Americans, this day is now celebrated in most parts of the world to pay homage and respect to our elders and seniors who have been the driving force all through our growing years. Hence, if you have planned a special party for your grandparents, why leave it bland by forgetting the last token of thanks - party favors? Let all the guests who had been invited to your surprise party return back home with happiness and satisfaction in their hearts. Let the world know that you have thrown the best party ever for your lovely and beloved grandparents. While you have left no stone unturned in organizing a lavish party with wonderful decorations, gorgeous menu, and exciting games, why leave the favors aside? And if you are just wondering about what favors to distribute to the guests, the following interesting ideas would be of great help to you. Take a look!

Grandparents Day Party Favor Ideas
  • Everyone enjoys homemade food. So if you have time and wish to bid everyone a happy foodie adieu, you can bake cookies, brownies, or cupcakes for all the guests invited. Not only will this prove to be cost effective, but they will surely be admired and accepted by one and all.
  • If you can splurge out some money at the gift store, then you can pick up from photo albums, photo frames, crystal whisky tumblers, coffee mugs, chocolates, toiletries, coffee set, stickers, flower vase, candles, and custom T-shirts.
  • Alternatively, if you want to make the party favor as memorable and extraordinary as the party, then expensive gifts, like designer sunglasses or jewelry made from semi-precious metals and stones would be a perfect idea.
  • Candies, key chains, loot bags, yo-yos, hats, blowouts, flags, and books are some other common favors you can distribute on a Grandparents Day party.
  • Potpourri ornaments are another option for party favors. You can either purchase them from any gift store or make attractive ones at home. Buy colorful ribbon and some clear, round, plastic ornaments from a local craft store. Get some colorful potpourri in holiday colors. Thereafter, pour some potpourri in each of the ornaments and tie a loop with ribbon at the top of the ornament so that it can easily be hung.
  • You can count the total number of female guests and male guests attending your party. Accordingly, you can purchase party favors separately for men and women. This way, they would be glad to receive a favor that is tailor made especially for them.