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In this article, we have given some useful ideas about Grandparents Day party invitation. Read on to know more.

Grandparents Day Party Invitation

Kids who have been blessed with live grandparents should be really grateful to God for gifting them wonderful elders. Hence, whenever given a chance, do not miss on celebrating with your grandparents and gifting them with lots of love, happiness, and togetherness. One such special day that gives you another opportunity to sincerely thank your grandparents is Grandparents Day. Celebrated in the month of September on the first Sunday after Labor Day, it is marked with immense splendor and grandeur. Partying, eating, and dancing till the wee hours are some common activities witnessed on this day as it is getting popular in all parts of the world. As such, if you wish to plan a surprise party for your grandparents, the best and most obvious things to begin with is the party invitation. With so many modes of sending invitations, one only tends to get confused to pick up the best amongst the best. Not to worry. With simple tips listed in the lines below, you can plan out a different yet worthy invitation for the guests.

Grandparents Day Party Invitation Ideas
  • Gone are those when cards were posted to each and every guest for a party invitation. With technology getting advanced day by day, you have numerous other modes of conveying your message. You have faster ways of passing out your word, like emails, SMSs, voice messages, and party invitations CDs. Depending upon your personal choice, you can choose any of these mediums to invite your guests to the Grandparents Day party.
  • Depending upon the theme you have chosen for the party, center your invitation around the theme. Since Grandparents Day is mostly about kids, you can pick up cartoon characters or superheroes on your cards to attract kids towards the party. Do not make the invitation too plain or too bold.
  • Do not forget to mention the date, time, and venue of the party, without which your guests will not be able to locate your party. Additionally, you can include more information pertaining to the party, such as your contact number and address in case they have any doubts reaching the venue. You can also get the blueprint of the venue printed on the backside of the card.
  • Apart from the above details, do mention the theme of the party so that the guests are well prepared in advance with their outfits to suit the party. If you have any specific dress code, include it in the card, else the guests will find themselves as strangers in the party.
  • No matter whether your Grandparents Day is a formal occasion or a casual one, make sure that the wordings of the invitation match the mood of the party. Thus, keep the invitation formal in case the party is formal, and vice versa.
  • If you have planned the party very much in advance, it is best to let the guests know in advance as well. It is advised that you send the invitations at least 4 weeks in advance, so that they can plan their schedules accordingly and enjoy your party.