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Food is one of the key ingredients of any party. Read this article to get some ideas on planning the Grandparents Day party menu.

Grandparents Day Party Menu

Food is synonymous to any party. Imagine a party without any snacks or drinks. How bland and boring! Plus, if the food is not satisfying to your taste buds, it further calls for an uninteresting and unexciting party. Thus, to make any party successful and hit, it is very crucial to include a set menu of delicacies and drinks to suit the needs of the kind of guests expected to arrive so that each one can have his/her share with full contentment. While the number of items on the table should not be very few leaving the guests with not many options to choose from, on the other hand, they should also not be too many, not giving an equal chance to taste all. Particularly when you are planning a Grandparents Day party, you need to pay special attention to the menu as they may not be able to try their hand on every kind of delicacy served. To make matters simpler, we present you some food ideas to include in the party and declare it a grand success.

Planning Grandparents Day Party Menu
  • Just like any other meal, make sure that you have appetizers, main course, and desserts for Grandparents Day party, along with loads of drinks on the house.
  • Since the weather would be pleasing at this time, you can have light cheese and fruit as wonderful refreshing appetizers in the form of cheese and fruit mini kabobs. Chocolate covered cherries, French cheese puffs, egg rolls, tomato pesto tarts, stuffed mushrooms, and crispy fried wontons are other yummy and luscious party appetizers to choose from.
  • Coming to the main course, you have a plethora of food items to serve your guests. Since you would be welcoming guests who love to gorge on both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, it is best to include both types of cuisines, so that everyone can enjoy equally. For non-vegetarians, you can include grilled salmon with cilantro pesto, crunchy tortilla chicken, rack of lamb, cheesy fish cakes, and smoked pork ribs. For vegetarians, pumpkin and apple soup, stuffed peppers, vegetable and walnut loaf, eggplant and bean casserole, and broccoli pasta soufflé.
  • For snacks to munch on, cinnamon sugar cookies, honey walnut cookies, roasted nuts, garlic bread, and glazed baby carrots with balsamic vinegar and honey make great choices.
  • Desserts can boast of fruity tart, fruit crumble, mini cupcakes, lemon mousse, orange sorbet, and chocolate truffles.
  • Have on amaretto liqueur, champagne, red wine, candy cane cooler cocktail, pink ‘n' peachy sangria, and beer as various hard drinks for your guests to choose from.
  • While beetroot margarita, bard punch, mulled blueberry punch, and mojito cocktail make good alternatives for alcoholic drinks, raspberry and kiwi fruit smoothie, fruit punch, orangatang cocktail, and virgin strawberry pina colada are drinks for people who wish to go non-alcoholic.