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On Grandparents Day, children can also recite poems for grandparents, written by famous poets. Here is a list of kids' poems for grandparents.

Kids Poems For Grandparents

Grandparents Day is declared as a delightful day to honor grandparents and pay homage to them. Children and their grandparents share a beautiful relationship. While the kids are still trying to grow up and enter adulthood, grandparents tend to relive their childhood through their lovely grandkids. Children get quite enthusiastic about writing poems and making sketches, so as to extend them as gifts to their lovely grandparents. Writing poems for your grandparents is a great idea for reflecting and conveying your emotions and feelings towards them. However, if you are not a professional in writing poems, you may recite children's poems for grandparents that have been written by famous poets. A tinge of innocence is carried in these poems for grandparents, along with lots of love. Check out the list of kids' poetry for grandparents, provided in the lines below.

Kids Poetry For Grandparents

Granny Granny
please comb my hair
you always take your time
you always take such care.

You put me to sit on a cushion
between your knees
you rub a little coconut oil
parting gentle as a breeze.
Mummy Mummy
she's always in a hurry - hurry rush
she pulls my hair
sometimes she tugs.

But Granny
you have all the time in the world
and when you're finished
you always turn my head and say "Now who's a nice girl."
- Grace Nichols

A Poem
From early in the morning,
Until I go to sleep each day,
I know my grandparents love me,
In a very special way.
Sometimes it's tea and crackers,
Sometimes a walk in the park,
Sometimes it's just a hug when I'm scared and in the dark.
I love to hear their stories,
About the past and where they're from,
And I know their hearts are filled for me,
With never ending love.
- Unknown Author

Grandparents And Children
Grandparents and grandchildren,
Together they create a chain of love
Linking the past,
With the future.
The chain may lengthen,
But it will never part.
- Unknown Author

A Great Grandmother
Someone who will understand
who knows the way I feel
In every situation
her concern is very real.

Someone who has walked my ways,
who knows my every need.
Times when she would see me cry,
her heart would nearly bleed.

Everyone should have a great grandmother
just the way I do.
Richly blessed is what I am
to have a great grandmother like you!

Thanks for all the wonderful memories!
- Unknown Author

Grandparents Are Grand!
Grandparents are grand!
Grandma or Grandpa
Nana, Nona, or Nammy
PopPop, PaPa, or Poppy
Warm welcomes.
Happy hugs, holding hearts.
Love, Love, Love.
Kids, crafts, cooking.
Grandparents lending life's lessons.
Many momentous moments.
Amazingly awesome!
- Unknown Author

A Poem for My Grandpa
My Grandpa, you are so special to me,
You teach me to be happy and free.
I love spending our fun days together,
We always find a new adventure.
You don't mind answering my questions "Why?"
You pick me up and carry me high.
My Grandpa, you take the time to teach,
And let me see things above my reach.
With you, I always feel safe and secure,
I'll love you forever, ever more.
We say goodbye with a hug and kiss,
As I make a big, big special wish...
My wish for you, Grandpa, please, please don't go.
Why? Because I love, love, love you so...
- Unknown Author