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Given here are tips and ideas Grandparents Day sermon. Just follow them and deliver a good sermon on Grandparents Day.

Grandparents Day Sermon

Grandparents Day is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm by all grandchildren across the world. It is observed on the first Sunday after Labor Day in United States, which falls in September, though the date varies from nation to nation. On this glorious day, a variety of games and activities are conducted to entertain granddads and grandmas. Along with the entertaining element, people also deliver speeches, in which they sum up their feelings and thoughts about their grandparents. Grandparents Day sermon is a nice way to convey your perception about the importance of grandparents in people's lives and what you think about Grandparents Day. Planning is very essential to come up with a good sermon and you need to know the basics of writing a sermon as well. The ideas given below will help you deliver a good sermon on Grandparents Day.

Tips for Grandparents Day Sermon
  • First, decide the duration of your sermon for Grandparents Day, as to whether you want to address your audience for five minutes or fifteen minutes. This will decide the length of the sermon.
  • The sermon should be based on credible sources and quotes. You can select passages from the Bible that can be connected to the relationship with grandparents or state some famous Grandparents Day quotes.
  • The selection process needs adequate time and efforts to create an impact. So, be very careful while choosing the passages and quotes that form a part of your sermon.
  • Now, decide the flow of your sermon, i.e. where the quotes and passages should be placed and where the description about grandparental relationship should be included. You may either start the sermon with the quotes first and then proceed with the description or vice-versa.
  • Most Grandparents Day sermons begin with famous quotes or Bible passages, followed by some examples from the history and then move on to the personal aspects, i.e. the description about the relationship of the orator with his/her grandparents. We suggest you to follow this pattern for the most effective and solicitous sermon.
  • A very important element that decides the quality of the sermon is your voice modulation and the speed with which you deliver your sermon. Always remember to maintain a moderate speed, you should neither go too slow nor rush to conclude the speech. The pitch of your voice should be optimum. While you should not murmur, you should also not shout at your audience, when you deliver the sermon.
Remember, your Grandparents Day sermon should not be monotonous. It should have a positive impact on the audience and should be powerful enough to hook the attention of the audience from the very first to the last sentence. Follow the tips provided above to prepare your Grandparents Day sermon and we assure you that it will be remembered by your guests and most importantly, your grandparents, for a long time to come!