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First time grandparents' poems capture the real emotion of grandparents. Read on to get poetry first time grandparents.

First Time Grandparents Poems

Have you imagined how it feels when a parent becomes a grandparent for the first time? The joyous feeling can't be explained in words, but only experienced in the heart and through twinkling eyes bearing tears of happiness. A glittering spark appears in the eyes of the grandparents when they get to see their grandchild for the first time, filling those moments with gladness and delight. Parents, in fact, take pride in being promoted to the senior most position in their family tree - that of being grandparents! People have written poems describing how it feels like looking at the baby for the first time who have given them the privilege of becoming grandparents. First time grandparents' poems capture the emotions of grandparents who see their newly born grandchildren. Read through the following text to get a list of poems for first time grandparents.

First Time Grandparents Poetry

The Gift of Grandparenting
Open your heart to your grandchild,
and your days
will suddenly fill with moments
of gladness and delight.
No bands will be marching,
no trumpets will be blaring,
so wake up and pay close attention,
or the gifts they're bringing
might quietly slip out of sight.
- By Judy Ford

Wonderful Ways to Love A Grandchild
Grandchildren are God's helpmates
in charge of softening our hearts
and opening our eyes and ears'
to the simple sights and sounds
that bring us joy.
Grandparents are in charge of
gentle loving and forgiveness,
for persevering and strengthening
the heart connection in your family.
- By Judy Ford

Grandma's Brag Book
"Just happen to have them with me..."
This is what I say.
But when it comes down to it,
I plan it just that way!
Just happen to have the pictures
Of my sweet grandchildren here---
I like it when folks say, "He's cute,"
Or, "isn't she a dear?"

Grandparents keep these photographs
And show them near and far...
Their pride is understandable---
That's how grandparents are!!!
- By Katherine Nelson

Grandma's Heart
When I heard you were on the way,
I smiled and wiped a tear away.
I cried the tear because I knew,
My heart had held a place for you.
As each day your Mommy grew,
I thought and thought and thought of you.
I wondered if you were a girl or a boy.
And what would be your favorite toy.
I wondered what games we'd play,
And how we would spend a day.
Would we talk or read or bake?
Oh, what special friends we'd make!
Would we dance or skip or sing?
What would be your favorite thing?
Would we cuddle, kiss and hug?
What would give my heart a tug?
When you were born, I held you close,
It's what I'd dreamed of most.
I touched your tiny fingers and toes,
I kissed your head, your cheek and nose.
Hello little grandchild,it is me,
My heart as happy as can be.
I wish for you the sun and moon,
I wish for you a happy tune.
Know that Grandma's always near,
I'd do anything, anything for you my dear.
When I heard you were on the way,
I smiled and wiped a tear away.
I cried the tear because I knew,
My heart would always belong to you.
- Teri Harrison

Grandpa's Heart
News of you has taught me more,
I know now what a long life's for.
I've found through you my magic heart,
The kinder, gentler, patient part.
While I waited those months for you,
I reflected on the things we'd do.
I would be your special friend,
Have secrets to share and pennies to spend.
I would tell you of the past,
Leave you memories that would always last.
I would grant your every wish,
Like bigger scoops in your ice cream dish.
I would be your biggest fan,
The one cheering loudest from the stands.
I'd play games of make believe,
Pull magic tricks from up my sleeve.
I'd take lots of photographs,
And be generous with smiles and laughs.
The first time you were in my arms,
I felt the miracle of your charms.
I placed your newborn hand in mine,
And understood the gift of time.
Tender feelings are hard to express,
Grandchild,it is me you've blessed.
Your life gives me another chance,
A youthful heart and eyes that dance.
News of you has taught me more,
I know now what a long life is for.
I give to you the magic part,
Of your Grandpa's loving heart.
- Teri Harrison