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Grandparents Day is a day set aside to make your grandma & granddad happy. Let's know about National Grandparents Day.

Grandparents Day

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Grandparents Day is a day set aside exclusively for your grandfather and grandmother, who have played a very influential role in your family. It is a family get-together time, when every member of your family is present to extend his/her token of love and gratitude for the senior most members. Grandparents Day is an opportunity for grandparents to spend some exclusive time with their children and grandchildren. It is a time to bond and strengthen existing relations that are almost forgotten in today's busy life schedules, thus, giving us a golden opportunity to shower our love and affection towards our cherished relations and relationships. It is also known as National Grandparents Day and is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, which falls in the month of September. This means that in 2015, Grandparents Day will be celebrated on September 13.

National Grandparents Day was an initiative of Marian McQuade, a homemaker in Fayette County, West Virginia. She started a campaign in 1973 to dedicate a special day for grandparents. She wanted people to honor grandparents and promote intergenerational appreciation and activities. She was supported by her husband Joe McQuade and many others to make this campaign a statewide hit. Due to their strenuous efforts, dedication, and determination, Governor Arch Moore of West Virginia declared the first Grandparents Day in 1973. In 1978, the then President Jimmy Carter proclaimed National Grandparents Day as a national observance in United States. Today, the National Grandparents Day Council employs representatives from every US state and organizes contests, like essay, poetry, web design, songwriting, art, and photos, to spread awareness amongst children towards honoring their grandparents.

Since its declaration in 1973, National Grandparents Day is celebrated annually with immense zeal and enthusiasm by people of all genres. They invite their acquaintances and celebrate the day in a way that makes their grandparents happy and entertained. There are several ways to convey Happy Grandparents Day to your grandparents. Numerous activities are conducted on this day in schools and homes to gather people of all ages under one roof and spend some precious time together, thereby creating memories to be cherished for lifetime. Kids indulge in making handmade gifts and crafts, presenting songs and speeches, and gifting cards to their lovely and dearest grandparents, as part of their love and affection towards them. Take a ride as you identify the significance and earn to value your grandparents!